Motorcycle Tours in Southeast Asia: 3 Best Routes and Roads

We can freely say that the whole of Southeast Asia can be an absolute paradise for motorcyclists. This region has incredible breathtaking scenery, countless curves, and wide bends which makes it perfect for all the ones that are ready to hit the open road. The epic Southeast Asian motorcycle routes are providing adventure, freedom, and excitement all in one.

As all of you already know, there is no better way to explore some country than to drive its roads, and with Southeast Asia’s various narrow mountain trails and paths, there is no other way to explore it than to do it on a motorcycle. If you are considered to ride through high fairytale mountains, jungles, and rocky paths in Laos and Thailand, be sure that you will have an immersive experience that you will remember as a lifetime adventure.

Best of all is the fact that motorbikes are very affordable to buy or rent in Asia. Therefore, there is no excuse to visit this site and start your adventure with southeast Asia motorcycle tours. We prepared some of the routes that you put on your bucket list and get the best and most unforgettable experience.

1. Ho Chi Minh Trail route in Vietnam

There are truly so many various motorcycle routes in Asia, however, if you are seeking the one that is the most well-trodden, you should head up to the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This route goes through Vietnam, falls into Laos, and ends in Cambodia. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of different landscapes. The ones that love history will be amazed by the fact that this route is actually the historical one. Vietcong used this exact route with the purpose of delivering weapons during the war in Vietnam. One of the most wonderful parts of the route runs through Vietnam. More precisely, it goes from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

There are about 1000 miles down the country that you are going to pass if you decide to explore this area. However, the paths here are not for everyone. They are for the most adventurous types of people since the paths are muddy, there are lots of rocks, and you are going to pass through streams and even flooded fields. However, the things that you are going to see while motorcycling will be unforgettable landscapes of lush green paradise and tiny local villages. There is one more important piece of information that you should know – you are going to need around eleven days to complete this route. However, do not worry since there are lots of accommodations that you can find nearby.

2. The Mae Hong Son Loop route in Thailand

The second incredible route that we prepared for you is long approximately 400 miles. If you choose this one for your trip, the adventure is guaranteed since you are going to have a chance to explore the beauties of Northern Thailand. You will be needing a week to complete the trail, however, this will be the week of your life. You are probably wondering how is this possible. Well, after you see the breathtaking scenery and landscapes through the lush countryside of this part of Thailand, you will agree with us. The route is starting and finishes in one of the most famous tourist hubs of Chiang Mai and passes through the Mae Hong province, as well as through the towns called Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son, and Pai.

While you are motorcycling through the route, you are going to be surrounded by high mountains, farmlands, local villages, and popular cascading waterfalls all the way. When it comes to the conditions of the paths, you should not have to worry since they are pretty good and you will not have any type of issues. The only thing you should still pay attention to is the curves on the path. If you are not sure what would be the best time to go on the trip on this route, we would suggest you pick a date from November to February. In this period, the weather is cooler and dry.

3. The Thakhek Loop route in Laos


Let’s go further with our route lists and check one of the most visited that goes through central Laos. The Thakhek loop is a 280-mile route that starts and finishes in Tha Khaek. You will be needing approximately four days to complete it. However, many tourists decide to stay on tour for the whole week so they will have enough time to savor the views and explore the surroundings. You will be amazed by the scenes you are going to see along the way while you are passing through mountain roads, lush jungle paths, and valleys with limestone peaks.

The best things about this route that you must put on your bucket list to see are the blue lagoons, waterfalls, and caves. They will literally be the best thing you have ever seen in your life. In the past, this route was very challenging even for professionals because of the unpaved roads. However, now the loop has been paved which means that even beginners can have the chance to enjoy the mentioned. In case you are looking for a more immersive and challenging experience while taking this route, you can decide to take a few detours. The best time to go on this route is during the dry session which refers to the months from November to March. However, one thing is sure, you will definitely not regret it if you decide on this trail.

Final though

We listed the most popular Motorcycle Tours in Southeast Asia, however, you will not believe how many of them you can explore. The whole area of southeast Asia has incredible nature that is worth seeing. Therefore, whichever route you choose, you will not make the mistake. Who knows, maybe you will want to come back and try exploring many more of them. The one thing that you should not forget is to prepare yourself well, dress well and take the necessary equipment. Other than that, we guarantee you that you are going to fall in love with this part of the world.