Vacation in France: Best Courchevel 1550 Apartments for Couples (2023)

Are you planning a vacation with your boyfriend or girlfriend but do not know how to rent an apartment? The following article will help you summarize some criteria to help you evaluate which apartment in Courchevel 1550 is the best for a couple.

The price of the property

Price is the critical factor in your travel. When you have a budget ready for your trip, you’ll know how much you need to spend on transportation, accommodation, dining and entertainment. If the trip’s budget is limited, you need to find a reasonably priced apartment.

But if the budget is abundant, you can choose a place with full amenities, providing a better service experience. Besides, booking the apartment as early as possible before the trip also helps you reduce costs and the risk of running out of empty flats to rent.

Space of Apartment


Unlike large families, when traveling, couples just need to rent an apartment for one bedroom or more with a king bed to stay comfortably. Therefore, you will not have too much difficulty in terms of space when renting an apartment.

With a larger apartment, you will have more space, but with a small apartment, it will bring a more intimate and cozy space.


Location is also a factor that affects your decision to rent an apartment. Apartments in the central location will often cost much more because they are located in a convenient location, near suitable facilities and easy to move.

Apartments far from the centre of 4-5 km will be a good location for you because they are relatively inexpensive and you only need to spend 10 minutes to drive or move to the centre.

Some apartments in Courchevel 1550 for couples

Here are some apartments suitable for couples when travelling in Courchevel 1550

Apartment Carre Blanc XI

Carre Blanc XI apartment in the new luxury residential area Le Carre Blanc is a prestigious apartment in Courchevel Village 1550. This apartment has an area of 43m2, one bedroom and one bathroom. Although the apartment is a bit small, it has an ideal location.

It is located near the centre of the resort and only 20 meters from the ski slopes and ski lifts. During the day, you can conveniently go to the ski hill. It is easy to entertain at the facilities in the city centre at night.

Apartment Phoenix

This apartment is located in the brand new Residence PHOENIX, in the heart of the resort, within walking distance of the slopes and shops.

The Phoenix apartment is very bright, thanks to the many doors that open to the outside. Besides, it is also designed in a modern style with bright wooden furniture. The apartment has 1 master bedroom with a king bed and one children’s bedroom with bunk beds. The living and dining room have a balcony and terrace so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery here.

Apartment Carre Blanc I

This apartment is part of the new luxury residence Carré Blanc in Courchevel Village. It benefits from being located in the heart of the resort while also having the advantage of being just steps away from the ski slopes and ski lifts.

This apartment has an area of 73 m2, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, has plenty of space and is very comfortable for a couple. Besides, you also have free use of the fitness area on the mansion’s first floor. It also has 2 private parking spaces in the residence’s underground garage.

Planning Your Trip: Considerations and Logistics

Planning a ski trip to Courchevel 1550 requires careful consideration of many factors, from travel logistics to accommodation and equipment rentals. It’s important to start planning well in advance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Some key considerations include choosing the right time of year to visit, selecting the right accommodations and transportation, and making arrangements for ski lessons and equipment rentals.

Working with a reputable property management company can also help streamline the planning process and ensure that all aspects of your trip are taken care of.

By taking the time to plan ahead and consider all the logistics, you can maximize your enjoyment of this world-class ski destination.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Booking


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Waiting Too Long to Book: Courchevel 1550 is a popular ski resort, and accommodations tend to book up quickly during peak season. Waiting too long to book your apartment can result in limited availability and higher prices.

Not Researching the Property Management Company: Before booking your Courchevel 1550 apartment, it’s essential to research the property management company. Make sure they have a good reputation and are experienced in managing ski properties in the area.

Not Reading the Fine Print: When booking your Courchevel 1550 apartment, it’s essential to read the fine print carefully. Make sure you understand the payment and cancellation policies, as well as any other terms and conditions.

Not Considering Location: When booking your Courchevel 1550 apartment, it’s important to consider the location. Make sure the apartment is located in a convenient spot, with easy access to the slopes and amenities like restaurants and shops.


Not Choosing the Right Apartment for Your Needs: There are many types of apartments available in Courchevel 1550, from cozy studios to spacious chalets. It’s essential to choose an apartment that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Not Checking for Amenities: When booking your Courchevel 1550 apartment, it’s important to check for amenities like Wi-Fi, parking, and ski storage. Make sure the apartment has everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

By avoiding these common mistakes when booking your Courchevel 1550 apartment, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free booking process and a memorable ski vacation.


After reading the article, we hope you can find a suitable apartment at Courchevel 1550. Besides finding the right apartment, you can explore many more facilities such as ski classes, renting or buying ski equipment, entertainment, and dining activities at Courchevel.