How To Choose A Dry Cleaner: A Guide To Finding A Reputable Service While On Travel

It is not the usual setup to book a dry cleaner while on travel. Unless you have an important business meeting to attend, and you need to have your clothes cleaned and pressed; or if you have spilled or stained your delicate clothes.

If you are staying in a hotel or Airbnb and plan to wear formal clothing or business attire during your trip, booking a dry cleaner nearby could be a convenient option. Some hotels or Airbnb may offer dry cleaning services, or you can search for nearby dry cleaning services that you can book in advance.

How to Find the Right Dry Cleaner?


If you are traveling for business, having access to dry cleaning services can help you maintain a professional appearance, even when you are away from home. Moreover, accidents happen, and if you get a stain or spill on your clothing while traveling, a dry cleaner can help you get it cleaned and looking like new.

Ask around, take recommendations.

Word-of-mouth is the best source of information to know which dry cleaning services are reliable. You can ask your friends and family about their dry cleaning experience and take their recommendations if there are any. If there are no recommendations from them, read online reviews from past consumers to better understand the dry cleaner’s service quality.

Check their certifications.

Dry cleaners have certifications to ensure they are true to their word and services. Reputable dry cleaners have a certification from International Fabricare Institute; this means they have met the standards for quality and customer service.

Giving your clothes to a certified dry cleaner puts you at ease. It ensures that they clean and handle delicate fabrics with special care and attention.

Check their service rates.

Service providers with cheaper rates are the biggest red flags. You cannot expect to receive an excellent outcome if the cleaner is trying to cut costs. Quality cleaners have enhanced cleaning materials which makes their services effective. This tip does not also mean choosing the highest-paying dry cleaner. You have to check the rates and compare the quality of their services. Be realistic with the price that you are willing to pay.

Location and convenience.


This is probably the least concern when looking for a dry cleaner nearby. But, if there is no quality dry cleaner in the area, you have to look for a dry cleaner that offers laundry pickup and delivery services. If you are in New York City, you are lucky enough to have a reliable dry cleaner like in your neighborhood; they offer laundry delivery services to reach the people who are in need of their services.

Look for eco-friendly options.

You can inquire about the dry cleaner in person and ask questions about their cleaning process. Dry cleaners use different cleaning solvents and techniques. With today’s encouragement of the sustainability movement, it is best to hire a dry cleaner that uses eco-friendly options and minimzes their environmental impact.

Evaluate their performance.

Dry cleaners are keen on details. A trustworthy dry cleaner does a fabric label examination before and after dry cleaning the garments. Inspecting the garments helps them determine the stains, loose buttons, and hanging threads and repair or treat them.

Since you are foreign to the place, you cannot tell their performance after a few observations. It is best to read previous client reviews to ensure they can cater for your needs.

Ask about their turnaround time.


It is essential to ask dry cleaners about their turnaround time, especially if you need the clothes soonest. By asking about turnaround time, you can find a dry cleaner that meets your scheduling needs and provides a convenient, reliable service for your clothes. This can help you plan and schedule accordingly and ensure that you have the clothes you need when you need them. Especially when you are on a travel, you have to find one that can over shortest lead time.

Observe their customer service.

Professional dry cleaner sticks to their word. They do not make promises that they cannot provide. If something is wrong, they will provide a solution. Sometimes unfortunate things happen and damage may occur to your clothes. If this happens, reputable dry cleaners are expected to give full compensation for the value of the item. However, some dry cleaners may have different terms and conditions. Hence, it is best to ask them in advance about their policies.

Moreover, observe how staff interact with customers and assess their level of professionalism and helpfulness. You do not want to work with rude staff, right?

When to Bring Clothes to Dry Cleaner


If you are attending a formal event or an important business meeting during your trip, you may want to have your clothes cleaned and pressed beforehand to ensure you look your best. Some also bring their garments to the dry cleaner before they go home to lessen the weight of their luggage and pack clothes easily.

Before bringing your clothes to the dry cleaner, read the label to ensure it is the care instruction needed. You do not have to bring your clothes to the dry cleaner often unless there are visible stains and dirt on them. Some use their delicate clothes at least four times before bringing them to the dry cleaners.

If it is a stain of concern on your delicate clothes is stubborn, do not attempt to remove it. Leave it to the dry cleaning experts. When you bring your garment to the dry cleaner, do not forget to tell them about any stains, embellishments, or any special care upon dropping the items. Do not assume that your dry cleaner knows everything, even when they are experts. You have to tell your concerns to ensure better results.

Final Takeaway

That’s how you can find a reliable dry cleaning service provider. Always invest in your clothes to make them last longer. When you find a reliable dry cleaner, you have found the best clothing care partner for life.